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Fall 2021
Your best deal of the season!


PLEASE NOTE: The 100 MercyMe Season Tickets in Lower Arena Section 217 are now gone.  Your seats will now be in Upper Arena Section 217. 

SEASON TICKET PACKAGE: Pick any 4 concerts for $95
#1: for KING & COUNTRY - October 8 (Memorial Coliseum Arena) - best available from remaining seats, outside of Ship Crew
#2: Selah (Fort Wayne) - October 15 (First Assembly of God) - Artist Circle seating for first 400 Season buyers
#3: Selah (Marion) - October 16 (Chapel Auditorium at Indiana Wesleyan University) - Artist Circle seating for first 400 Season buyers
#4. Zach Williams, We The Kingdom & Cain - October 29 (Memorial Coliseum Arena) - Artist Circle seating for first 100 Season buyers
#5: MercyMe & Micah Tyler - November 12  (Memorial Coliseum Arena) - Upper Arena section 217 
#6: David Phelps CHRISTMAS - December 17 (First Assembly of God) - Artist Circle seating for first 300 Season buyers


  • If you were a Season patron in Spring 2020 and are still holding your Zach Williams and for KING & COUNTRY tickets, we will deduct the Season price for each event off of your Fall 2021 Season Ticket Package.  Only available by calling Trinity Communications. (260-484-1029)
  • Season Ticket holders receive Artist Circle (or equivalent) seating, except for MercyMe, where seating will be in Upper Arena section 217. ($34.00 value = 29.00 + 5.00 Facility Fee) 
  • If you are wanting any type of VIP Experience upgrade to your Season Tickets, please call our office. (260-484-1029)  Not available with online orders. 
  • Two events in the Spring Season have reserved seats. If you want to sit next to another guest who is placing a Season order, please call our office, BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER, so we can place your two orders together. (Seats placed in one order will always be placed together.)
  • If you prefer aisle seats for MercyMe and for KING & COUNTRY, please call Trinity Communications to place your order. (260-484-1029)  Aisle seats have additional fees added ON TOP of the Season Ticket price. 
  • For questions on specifc seating for MercyMe & for KING & COUNTRY, please call 260-484-1029
  • Tickets may be purchased individually. Previously purchased 2020 Season tickets will be adjusted in price.

You will NOT print your Season tickets.  
They will be mailed within 1 week of purchase.  

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Additional Mail Information: 

Trinity Communications
P.O. Box 5021
Fort Wayne, IN 46895
(No service fees - include a self-addressed stamped envelope)


Additional Phone Information: 

Call Trinity Communications at: 260-484-1029

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